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K.L. Hasell
Associate Editor/Chief CA: Roz Browne
Associate Editor/ Chief Reviews: Alice Liu
Chief Correspondent Chicago:
Zach Bratkovich
VP Advertising: Albert J.
Circulation Manager: Anne W.

US Correspondents: updating
Alice Liu, Jared Freid, KH, Dave Campbell, Frankie Hudak, Zach Bratkovich
Roz Browne, Jennifer Van Tieghem, Lauren O'Brien, Chuck Ojeda

Chicago & NY: Zach Bratkovich
Atlanta, GA: Jessica Hinckle

Boston, Mass:
Deb Farrar-Parkman
Chicago & Midwest:
Amy Shokun
Hawaii: Christain Michael Hall
Erika Swartzkopf
Janette Perez
Iowa: Joel Fry
Lori Valenti, Cassie Doria,
Long Island
Mary Tischbein
OH: Dan Hudson
TEXAS: Sarah Hackley

Photographs: Phil Provenzo

International Correspondents:
Paul Ogata
Hans Kottman
UK: Gregory Wakeman
British Comedy Guide
Australia: Candice Olive,
Craig Egan/Adelaide Comedy


Show Me the Funny!
--- Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis

Joke Tips - Greg Dean
ASK KELLY!-Kelly Bowlin
IMPROV - Jane Morris - coming soon.
Career Corner: Alex Barnett
StupidAssQuestions.com answered by Kevin Bartini
Ask Gladys! Gladys Simon
Erika Swartzkopf

Humor/Gossip: Mark Daponte
Cartoonist: Pat Lamb / Bill Plympton

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Roz Browne, Katherine Hasell, Alice Liu, Ellen Hasell, Lori Valenti, , Karen Loftus, Rich Adamo and all of the many Comic Bible writers and contributors including: Rich Adamo, Howard Alzrachi, Benny Allen, Madeleine Begun Kane; Bang Balutanski, D.C. Benny, Scott Blakeman, Dave Brody, Roz Browne, John Cantu, Tim Carrier, Rudolph Cecera, Bill Chamberlain, Dina Cohen, Colin Cohen, Michael Cookson, Jane Condon, Joe Cutrona, Beth Danford, Greg Dean, Bridget Dengel, Becky Donohue, Gorden Gebert, Georgina Genchur, Andrew Goffman, Jeffrey Gurian, Rosie Haas, Vid Hardt, Ellen Hasell, Katherine Hasell, Rene Hicks, Mike Irwin (RIP), Jon Keyes, Hans Kottman, Chris Kuhn, Pat Lamb, Tommy Lee, Alice Liu, Howard Leib, Karen Loftus, Mary Montresori, Halina Meyer, Bill Michaels, Terry Moore, Micheal Nappi, Stu Nulman, Jody Oliver, Vivian Paxton, Debbie Perlman, Chris Potocki, Marc Principato, Lia Redding, Jerry Sangiamo, Ken Scallon, Wayne Scallon, Carol Scibelli, Dave Schwensen, Trav SD, Michael Shader, David Smith, Tom Soter, Leatrice Spevack, Steve Strangio, Jerry Tallmer, Gunslinger Thomas, Ed Zareh, Paula Zimmerman Taylor, TS, Yumi, and all.





Who's Who at The Comic Bible Magazine -

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Executive Editor

MaryAnn formally all things in the entertianment industry -and creator of an Award winning sketch comedy show, M is responsible for acclaimed benefit galas, under her brand Laughter for a Good Cause, also co-produced with Carolines Comedy Club, Funny Shorts Film Festival & Sketch Off the 1st ever Competitions of their kind. She has written several books, compliled reference guides, began Disabled Divas and of course, created, writes for and currently still handles much of Comic Bible Brand including Comic Bible Magazine.

Al J Jay is the man who dishes 'em out but answers your orders!

K.L Hasell

roz browne
K.L Hasell – Katherine is an animator, writer and editor who lives and works in NYC. And who is off for the summer

Associate Editor - Chief California Comedy Correspondent Around Town with Roz Columnist Roz Browne
roz browne
Roz Browne
LA Comedy Award Nominee Comedian and Actress, Roz Browne was voted Boston’s Metro’s Favorite Comedian during the 2006 Boston Comedy Festival. Television appearances include NBC’s Outlaw, ABC’s The View, Comics Unleashed with Bryon Allen, Que Locos Comedy Jam, LifeTime TV,  BET’s Comic View, The Best of Comic View and America’s Funniest People.  She performs regularly at all of the major comedy clubs nationwide and was featured at the Toyota Comedy Festival in New York.  She also produces the popularMerry Wives of ComedyShow.

VP / Director, Assoc. Editor & Florida Correspondent Lori Valenti

Lori Valenti I've been with Comic Bible for a very long time – My favorite quote Do not follow where the path may lead - Go instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail!

Book Editor / New York Columnist
Alice Liu

Bill Michaels Alice Liu is a writer, producer, and performing artist living in New York City. She has served, at times, as a minority advocate, a reluctant animal rescuer, and a babysitter of adult children (a.k.a. the leader of a rock band). She is the author of The Hunter: A Middle-Aged Urban Zen Fable and several television pilot scripts. www.toiletbookpress.com

California Comedy Correspondent
Lauren O'Brien

Bill Michaels Lauren O'Brien is an actress, comedian and talk radio personality. Originally from New Jersey, she now works in the Greater Los Angeles area. Lauren can be heard during morning drive on her radio program "The Mikey Show" in San Diego (KBZT).  She regularly performs stand-up and has done various projects in film, television and stage.  For more information and to contact Lauren O'Brien, please visit her website here.

California Comedy Correspondent

San Diego California Correspondent
Jen Van Tieghem

Bill Michaels Jennifer Van Tieghem As a lover of words, Jen Van Tieghem, has found herself swimming in consonants and vowels for this here publication, among others. When she's not writing online blogs, website content, or comedy reviews she's probably got her nose in a book and a glass of wine glued to her hand. If you'd like her to unleash some prose for your site or publication feel free to drop her a line.

Chicago Comedy Correspondent
Amy Shokun

Florida Comedy Correspondent
Long Island Mary

Bill Michaels Long Island Mary looks innocent enough. She might even remind you of someone you know, like your cousin or that gal from work, if that gal has an incredibly twisted view of life. Long Island Mary grew up in New York, in a big Catholic family, where everything came with a side of guilt. One of the fastest rising comedians in Florida, Mary can be seen performing anywhere, be it a comedy club, festival, charity fundraiser or even a city park in the middle of the workday.
Winner of the Sarasota Division of the 2011 Florida's Funniest Comedian Competition, Performed in the 2012 Gilda's Laughfest Pro Showcase and in the 2011 Boston Comedy Festival NY Showcase.

Florida Comedy Correspondent
Cassie Doria

Bill Michaels Cassie Doria - What's up, I'm Cassie and I am The Comic Bible's correspondent for Orlando, Florida.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Master's in PR, and now I can add freelance writer to my repertoire as well.  Phew!  Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let's laugh our lives away in the comedic playground formally known as Central Florida!

Massachussetts Comedy Correspondent

Bill Michaels Deb Farrar-Parkman is a Boston comic who has been touted by the Boston Globe as “one of the most consistently inventive performers” on the Boston comedy scene. The Emmy Award-winning freelance producer and writer is the co-founder and original producer of ColorStruck: Women of Color in Comedy, Boston’s first and only showcase featuring women comediennes from various ethnic backgrounds. Deb has been featured in numerous festivals including the New York Comedy Festival, the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival’s “Best of Boston Comics” as well as in the Merry Wives of Comedy. She has appeared on numerous radio programs including National Public Radio’s Commonwealth Journal. Her TV appearances include Lifetime’s “Girl’s Night Out”.

Midwest Comedy Correspondent

Bill Michaels Ally Bruener is an up-and-coming stand-up comedienne based out of Louisville, Kentucky. After being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and fully wheelchair-bound at a young age, she found her voice as a self-advocate and affirmed that her rightful place in the world is in front of a crowd. Since graduating from the Underground Comedy School in October 2010, Ally has performed as part of the Clifton Heights Music Festival and as a member of Comedy Caravan’s Best of the Louisville Comedy Underground and Best of the Bluegrass series. This seemingly sweet and innocent girl breaks the limits of political correctness with self-deprecating cripple jokes and darkly observational humor while stealing the hearts of a shocked audience. – ilaughedatthecrippledgirl.com.

New York Comedy Correspondent
Jared Freid

Bill Michaels Jared Freid is a 26 year-old Stand-Up Comedian and Writer based in New York City. He has been featured on Tru Tv, written dating advice for Weekly World News, and currently writes “J-Train’s World” for Thefanhub.com. Jared also produces one of the largest independently run shows in NYC called “J-Train’s Comedy Express”, which you can “like” on Facebook. Jared can be reached for bookings and information at jaredfreid@gmail.com and you can follow him on Twitter @jtrain56.

New York & Chicago Comedy Correspondent
Zach Bratkovich

Bill Michaels Zach Bratkovich is a Chicago based comedian from the great state of New Jersey. Growing up in Jersey, Zach had realized how truly funny human interaction can be and his comedy reflects that. Whether it’s dating, being pulled over by a cop, or conversations with people at the gyms or Wendy's, Zach will keep audiences laughing how ridiculous people can be. Zach also loves to get people to laugh at the crazy products on the market and T.V. shows out there. Zach Currently writes for the Comic Bible Magazine and has performed in New York City at Gotham Comedy club, the Metropolitan Room, the Comic Strip, Broadway Comedy Club, and the New York comedy club.


New York Comedy Columnist
Alice Liu

Bill Michaels

Ohio Comedy Correspondent
Dan Hudson

Kelly Bowlin Dan Hudson This bio is brought to you by a generous grant from the Charlie Sheen group. Where "Winning" isn't everything! It's the only thing. Did you know there are comics with diseases? Hi this is Daniel. He is a comic. For only pennies a day you can help him write jokes about his Multiple Sclerosis. Your pennies will buy things he needs like note book paper, pens, and comedy classes. Your grant will help Daniel in his small village in Cincinnati. So won't you help Daniel? Please buy The Comic Bible. You could change a life.

Texas Comedy Correspondent
Sarah Hackley

Kelly Bowlin Sarah Hackley is a full-time writer and editor, with a specialty in ghostwriting for attorneys and investment advisers. She has most recently been published in Crucible and On The Issues Magazine. Due to an affinity for extreme temperatures and spicy foods, she lives in Austin, Texas. Find her at www.sarahhackley.com or follow her on Facebook.

Chuck Ojeda

Bill Michaels Chuck Ojeda is an actor and comedian in Los Angeles as well as the creator of the stand up comedy concept show Comic Underground.  In addition to performing stand up at the Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store, and Ice House, Chuck is also a writer/performer for the sketch comedy troupe The Strait Jacket Society.  His writing contributions include episodes for the comedy news show This Week in You Tube and PSA parodies with Retrofit Productions. For more information please visit: www.chuckojeda.com

UK Comedy Correspondent
Gregory James Wakeman

Kelly Bowlin Gregory James Wakeman: A regular contributor to the Egotastic, Total:Spec, Screen Junkies and Yahoo! websites, as well as a freelancer for other publications his writing focuses on different facets of film, television, comedy, music and various aspects of sport, but he can feign knowledge about any topic you desire. A self confessed Kevin James/Eric Cantona junkie. www.gregorywakeman.com.

Australia Comedy Correspondent
Candice Jayde Olive

Kelly Bowlin Candice Jayde Olive is a PhD student, an author and a freelance journalist living and working in Australia. She is a lover of all things literary; her first novel, an Australian crime fiction thriller, is due for release internationally in 2012. She lives in Brisbane with her husband Carl and her cat James.


To contact a Comic Bible correspondent just click on their name.

Comic Bible is proud to include the following Regular Features with these Expert Contributors ...

Show me the Funny Tips
Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis

Kelly BowlinJKelly Bowlin More about Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis here
Take a front row seat at the table with Hollywood’s top comedy writers as Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis, authors of the new book Show Me the Funny!: At the Writers' Table with Hollywood's Top Comedy Writers take you on a fun trip into the intelligent and inner workings of the comedic mind. The authors, comedy writers in their own right, interviewed 28 top comedy screenwriters from the revered figures of television's “Golden Age” to today's favorite movie and TV writers for their book. And, exclusively for you – readers of The Comic Bible – they will offer advice on how to learn from comedy’s greats to ‘show the funny’ in your own writing, pitching and stand-up acts with expert columns in every issue. Watch for their first chance to show you some funny in the next issue!  (Or, catch a sneak peek at Show Me the Funny online:

Greg Dean's Stand-up Comedy & Joke Writing Tips

roz browne Greg Dean is the author of the internationally acclaimed book Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy. Dean has the longest running stand-up comedy school in America, since 1982 and has nearly thirty years experience teaching stand-up comedy workshops in Los Angeles, London and Montreal. Dean lives with his wife Gayla Johnson in Hollywood, CA. He is currently working on his next book and brings his insight to each issue of The Comic Bible Magazine

Comedy Hawaii - Christain Michael Hall

Bill Michaels comedyhawaii.com
with Christian Michael Hall
comedyhawaii.com is your one stop source for all things comedy in the Aloha State. From comedians, to shows, to interesting and indie projects, comedyhawaii.com want to bring the best of comedy from around the world, to you!

Bill Michaels Christian Michael Hall is a columnist for Hawaii's largest sports magazine MMAHAWAII. In addition, he also is one of the creators of comedyhawaii.com and the live mic show podcast. Christian Michael Hall, has been doing stand up since 1997, and has been a contributing writer, for various publications, since 2001.

Ask Gladys -Simon!

Ask Gladys
Comedy Legend Gladys Simon invites Comic Bible readers to "pick her brain" and shares more than 20 years of experience as a Comedian, Writer, Teacher and Producer as she answers comedy questions in each edition of The Comic Bible Magazine.

Jessica Hinckle AtlantaStandsUp.net

Bill Michaels Founded in 2009 by comedian Justin Morgan, now stirring jollies within the clubs of New York City, Atlanta Stands Up is a social and informational hub that encompasses all things stand-up comedy related within the Atlanta comedy scene. We’re your “go-to guy”, er... girl. Moving on. Currently, the Editor is yours truly and I’m nothing special. I just organize everything that is rad about this scene into one centralized location and now I get to bring it to all of you fine people. Yay! (http://www.atlantastandsup.net)

Janette Perez - HoosierComedy.com

Bill Michaels Janette Pérez is an Indianapolis based writer and comedian who tries to make lemonade out of what the Midwest has handed her. When offstage, she supports her local comedy community by keeping a statewide comedy calendar and publishing relevant interviews and book reviews on her blog. www.janetteperez.com
Home of the Hoosier Comedy Calendar, a statewide listing of Indiana shows, contests and open mics. Also has interviews and book reviews relevant to stand-up comedians.


Bill Michaels Shayne-Michael.comEDY Shayne Michael is an LA based comedian who has played 40 cities in Montana without going to Billings. He has also appeared at numerous comedy clubs across the United States and in the Chicago Comedy Festival, produces shows and runs a great comedy resource site.

Joel Fry

Joel Fry is a comedian, booker, owner of Comedy Guy Entertainment, producer of comedy shows. Creator and Producer of the Iowa Comedy Festival and C4 and Best of Midwest Comedy Competition.

Bill Michaels Craig Egan - Adelaide Comedy

Criag Egan shares Adelaide Comedy. Since 2000, Adelaide Comedy provides live shows, comedy competitions, corporate work and more. Adelaide Comedy is currently the biggest Comedy Institution in South Australia.

Comedy Matters with Jeffrey Gurian

Cartoons by Bill Plympton:

roz browne Bill Plympton an American animator, former cartoonist, director, screenwriter and producer best known for his 1987 Academy Award-nominated animated short Your Face, his 2005 nomination and series of shorts Guard Dog, Guide Dog, Hot Dog and Horn Dog. He has a new book out Independently Animated and a new film Idiots and Angels. And graciously adds fun to each issue of The Comic Bible Magazine with fabulous cartoons.


Comedy Career Corner Columnist
Alex Barnett

Kelly Bowlin Alex Barnett is a comic, writer, husband, father, believer in social justice, rooter for the underdog and, importantly, a former lawyer (almost).

Kevin Bartini

Humor & Ask Kelly! Comedy Columnist
Kelly Bowlin

Kelly Bowlin Kelly Bowlin is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. He currently writes script and has been published in Yahoo, Suite 101, Digiguide, and utopian realms. He’s written two novels and a collection of 26 short stories titled The Modern Wild West in Shorts. Don't Forget to ASK KELLY!

Q on the Loo with Luke Bradley Francis

roz browne Luke Bradley Francis Originally From Glasgow, Scotland Luke Francis has an original style that has been entertaining audiences for years in several countries including, USA, Canada, UK, and resorts in Mexico and Jamaica.

Have fun will Travel with Paul Ogata

roz browne Paul Ogata is a stand-up comic that lives in California, but works in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Qatar, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, St. Martin, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and even in the United States. Ogata is an award-winning comedian/pornstar, which probably makes his parents in Hawaii incredibly proud. To find out more, or to contact Paul, visit www.PaulOgata.com

James Mullinger

Kelly Bowlin James Mullinger began his stand up career in 2005 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the best new comedians on the circuit reaching the finals of three major national comedy competitions including Jimmy Carr's Comedy Idol. Since then he has performed at the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal twice, all over Canada and Australia and has toured the UK with three solo stand up shows. He is host of the worlds first funny film review show Movie Kingdom on Comedy Central which has seen him work with Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Cruise. www.jamesmullinger.com
Contact James: Contact James' agent

Pop Goes the Culture - Mark Daponte

roz browne Mark Daponte is the author of a children's book called “Babar-Boom;” which tells the tale of an elephant king from Vietnam who suffers from war flashbacks.  His hobbies include needlessly waiting by the phone to be inundated with monetary offers to write comedy, screenplays and condolence cards.  In his non-make-believe world, he is a copywriter for an advertising company in New York City.  He can be spammed and reached to be notified that he is a Nigerian lottery winner at markosborne2000@yahoo.com

Comedian Cartoonist Pat Lamb

Kelly Bowlin Pat Lamb incorporates storytelling ,standup, performance art ,even poetry! It’s a celebration of wit that has the audience laughing like a series of controlled explosions. www.patlamb.com
Videos Here

Kelly Bowlin Tamara Henry
Lights... Tamara... Action! Comedy Reality TV Star Tamara Henry is red hot on the red carpet. She got her start as Miss Arkansas USA and was an evening news anchor in Little Rock while Bill Clinton was president. "Tsunami Tamara" is a local news anchor for Santa Monica who lives in the heart of the tsunami zone of Venice Beach. AKA "Green T" of GreenTwithTamara.TV and Environmentallly Incorrect she has HOPE to Heal Our Planet Earth and holds a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. Tamara has performed as an actress in films such as Legally Blonde 2 and has also starred as herself on LOGO, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Oxygen, Style Network, Bravo, and USA Network. She's like SNL meets School House Rock - she's a kid in a blonde's body! (photos by Joe Pier) SIZZLE REEL: www.youtube.com/TVSTARFISH

Comic Bible has many more contributors including:

Raymond the Amish Comic

Tangela Ekhoff

Bill Michaels Prior to moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2010, Tangela Ekhoff wrote, produced, and performed her one woman show, The Recession Maid Me Do It, in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. Tangela recently won a coveted spot in the Final Round of The Funniest Comedian in Tulsa her very first time on stage at Tulsa’s Looney Bin. She has been featured in The Tulsa World newspaper and in Woman’s Day Magazine this year. She also runs The Ekhoff Agency, a boutique consulting and public relations firm dedicated to shaping the careers of comedians, speakers, and self-published authors. She blogs about life as a wife, mom, and comic at www.homegirlontherange.blogspot.com.

roz browneDavid Foster has been doing comedy in New York for 10 years, and is the winner of the 2011 NY Comedy Competition. He has also appeared on HBO and Showtime, and was a regular cast member on MTV’s Boiling Points. You can find out more about him at davidfostercomedy.com, or check out his blog: davidfostercomedyblog.com.

roz browne D.C. Benny contributes when he can. He is a New York based stand up comic has been performing his story-telling style of stand-up comedy for the last 20 years. He has acted in multiple national commercials, television shows, and feature films while constantly writing and producing a multitude of projects in every medium. D.C. currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and animals.

Bill Michaels David Baker is bi-country and busy but takes the time to share some of his experiences and knowledge of performing in two Countires - regularly.
David Baker one of only a few foreign comedians to ever perform on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'.  An international headliner, David performs world-wide, including across the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. David's other TV credits include Byron Allen's 'Comedy.TV' (CBS), 'The Bob and Tom Show' (WGN) in the US, a one hour primetime special on The Comedy Network in Canada, and three appearances on The Comedy Time Network. David has also appeared on over 150 radio stations across the US and Canada. David's been featured on television, and in clubs throughout the world... For more see davidbaker.com.

Humor Columnist & Joke Writer

Kelly Bowlin Mary Tompsett Posing As Normal© Since 2006, Mary’s monthly humor column, Posing As Normal©, has been running in Wisconsin, Ohio and California publications. Her first novel, Whinny from the Heart, is available as an ebook through Barnes and Noble; a paperback version will rake in the big bucks on Amazon if she ever gets off her butt and reformats the manuscript. Mary lives in Wisconsin with a dog and two cats, whose endless hair insulates the house. Her horse left for a more stable environment. Read more of her work at www.marytompsett.com.

To contact a Comic Bible correspondent just click on their name.



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