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PMS Provides:

An outlet for comedians and writers to publish their humor and articles.

An outlet for entertainment professionals to share their industry knowledge.

An outlet for those who have comedy information everyone should know.

An outlet for those who have questions for comedy stars or professionals.


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To be a writer and to submit material to PMS you have agreed to our guidelines and terms and you must submit your contact information with a sample then materials.

If you include photos with your review submission use the release form here.

If you do an interview you must sign and obtain a release form from the person you interview. Please download forms from this page.

To submit jokes or other fun material you may use the contact form on the FUN page.


• Comedy/ Humor/Wit, Comedy Entertainment Industry reviews and interviews

• Jokes, cartoons, fun notes, humorous stories.

• Original works only (you must do your work!)

• No reprints without prior agreement.

Articles / Reviews

You can submit your comedy articles or reviews on comedy to PMS at any time. You may be published in our publications or on the Comics Babble or Comic Bible website. See PMS guidelines and terms.


You can submit your interviews with comedy professionals or others in the comedy entertainment genre for inclusion in our publication, The Comic Bible and/or on our websites along with a copy of the original interview tape and a signed interview release form as available on this page. Please see out guidelines.

Short Stories

If you have a short story about performing or being an entertainer please read our guidelines and send it to us via the Contact Page. You may be published on our websites or blog, or in an upcoming Comics Babble Book. 250 - 2500 words! See PMS guidelines here.

Jokes and Other Fun

If you have a joke, cartoon or other fun piece. Please see our guidelines and use the Contact Page to submit your information.

For rates see our guidelines.

For more information submit the form or

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